Coffee, Prayer, and Sharing | Aveiro

Date: February 21

Pastors and senior ministry leaders are invited for light refreshments and an opportunity to hear how your church can fully engage with the upcoming Celebration of Hope with Will Graham.

This meeting is a time to connect with other leaders in your area, be refreshed, and prepare to welcome new believers from the evangelistic event. It is a time to pray for the community and churches, and look at the Biblical example of Andrew—one of the first disciples Jesus called during His earthly ministry. Andrew was known as someone who introduced people around him to Jesus.

During this time, we will talk about how your church members can do the same by praying for family members, friends, neighbors, and coworkers who don’t know Jesus—and then bring them to hear the Gospel during the Celebration of Hope with Will Graham.

[Andrew] first found his own brother ... and he brought him to Jesus.” —John 1:41-42, NKJV

City: Aveiro

Time and Venue: 9 AM / Igreja em Missão na Cidade (Rua da Boavista 90, Zona Industrial de Aveiro)

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